Bagels, Backpacks & Mats

Local Community Giving.


There is a local bagel shop, BB Bagels, whose owners are kind enough to provide us with left-over bagels on Tuesdays. We do our best to distribute the bagels (sorry, no cream cheese) to local nonprofits or veterans. If you want bagels  for your Forsyth County area nonprofit  Wednesday or Thursday meetings, email us to request bagels. It is that simple. Volunteers are needed to pick-up and distribute bagels.

BB Bagels employees who donate time to provide us with bagels weekly.




Throughout the year, but especially in the fall, AboutFace‑USA ® collects backpacks, underwear, socks, winter gear, and toiletries. We fill the backpacks with the other collected items and distribute them to homeless veterans or sheltered veterans. If you want to offer items for this purpose, please email or call us to set up pick-up or an ongoing arrangement.  If you need a filled backpack, call or email us. Donations are accepted and help us purchase backpacks and other items.


Winters are cold, and the ground can be wet throughout the year. We distribute mats every month, they are for homeless people to sleep on. The mattresses are made from plastic grocery bags. We need several volunteers to make mattresses. If you would like to volunteer to collect bags for us, to cut and connect bags, and/or to loom the connected bags into mattresses, please email us. If you need a mattress and are homeless, please call or email us.  We accept used grocery bags from individuals and groups, please call or email us to arrange pick=ups. Donations are accepted and help us purchase bags and looms.

Grocery-bag Mattresses for our Homeless Veterans Program.

VFW Post 9143 Auxiliary members get together for some fun - making grocery-bag mattresses.


We often receive donated household items like furniture, light fixtures, and holiday decor. While we do our best to find a veteran needing such items, we sometimes distribute items to other nonprofits. We also have semi-annual yard sales, using these items to raise money for AboutFace-USA. This money helps cover financial requests from veterans or veteran families in need. If you are a veteran or veteran family member who has financial assistance, please call or email us. To donate items or if you want to volunteer to help with distributions or yard sales, just call or email us.

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